Grammar in Action: Nouns, Pronouns and Possessive Nouns
Product Number: P54027-002
Through live-action footage, colorful graphics and animation, students will learn about nouns, plural nouns and possessive nouns. In chapter one, children will learn that nouns are words that name a person, animal, place, thing or idea. Students will also come to realize that nouns can also name more than one person, animal, place, thing or idea. Proper nouns are also discussed. Students will learn to identify nouns and proper nouns in a sentence. Plural nouns are introduced in chapter two. Through live-action video, graphics and animation students will learn simple rules they can use to turn singular nouns into a plural noun. Chapter three introduces possessive nouns to young students. Learners will come to know that a possessive noun shows that a person, animal, place, thing or idea can possess something. Through real life examples, graphics and animation, students will learn the different ways to make nouns possessive and simple rules for singular and plural possessive nouns. The program provides a variety of examples to help support a child's understanding of each concept.

Run Time: 13:00
Language: English
Supplied By: Cerebellum Corporation
Production Year: 2016
Audience: Preschool, Primary
Closed Captioning: No

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