Against the Odds 6-Pack
Product Number: P53964-007
Against the Odds introduces real-life bands of brothers who exhibited unparalleled bravery, solidarity, and endurance on the battlefield to come out on top in a fight against impossible odds. The six-part series relives World War II battles of Okinawa, the Bulge, and Tarawa; the Battle of Chosin Reservoir from the Korean War; the Battle of Hue from the Vietnam War, and the Battle of Ramadi from the Iraq War. Bonded by their heroic commitment to serve and protect, U.S. veterans provide key insight into the realities of war and the pivotal moments that helped defend American freedom.

Series: Against the Odds
Run Time: 2:56
Language: English
Supplied By: Discovery Education
Production Year: 2014
Audience: Junior High, Senior High
Closed Captioning: No

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