Earth Story
Product Number: P52594-002
What forces created Earth? What do the Grand Canyon, the world's tallest waterfall and the Sahara have in common? What is a hot spot and how did it make Hawaii and the Great Barrier Reef? And what does it really take to move a mountain? The world's great natural wonders are works in progress. Getting up close and personal with them gives adventurer Will Gadd and scientists from around the world unique insights into the colossal forces that created the whole planet. This is big geology and Gadd's unique skills make him best suited to reach the rocks science needs in order to tell this epic story. Written in the folds of the northern lights above Alaska, a clue to the formation of the planet is uncovered. On the island of Hawaii, Gadd sees the processes that created the continents and in the Grand Canyon he experiences the power of water. In Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, he discovers how continents move and how erosion created the perfect stage for the world’s tallest waterfall.

Series: Fearless Planet
Run Time: 50:00
Language: English
Supplied By: Discovery Education
Production Year: 2007
Audience: Senior High
Closed Captioning: No

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