See Larger Picture How Communities Grow and Change
Product Number: P50793-012
Learn how natural resources provide work for people and help communities grow. Visit communities that depend on farming, coal mining, oil, gold, trees, etc. See how these cities can boom and then bust when resources are depleted or when demand falls. Learn that many large cities developed where the land was livable and where it was easy to transport goods. DVD features include on-screen teacher's guide and vocabulary plus chapter selections: (1) Introduction(2) Another community grows and changes (3) Utilities (4) Animals (5) Tourism (6) Astoria (7) Review (8) Communities without people (9) Recap.

Series: Community Collection
Run Time: 15:00
Language: English
Supplied By: SchoolMedia, Inc.
Production Year: 2005
Audience: Primary
Closed Captioning: No

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