Shipping and Handling Fees are applied prior to calculating GST (HST where applicable).
GST is applied to all purchases (HST where applicable).

Shipping and handling charges are based on the quantity of items purchased.
All items are shipped by Canada Post. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

Purchase Quantity Charge
1 Item $16.50
2-4 Items $20.35
5-6 Items $22.55
7-13 Items $24.75
14-25 Items $32.45
26-40 Items $37.95
41-60 Items $45.65

These rates apply to all domestic (Canadian) orders, except:

  • areas of Northern Canada (postal code begins with X )
  • rush shipments delivered via courier or Express Post
  • large orders

Additional charges also apply to international orders and may apply to product other than video.

Please phone Customer Service at 1-866-999-5292 for shipping quotations on all exceptions to the above chart.

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