Doug Connolly, President & Chief Operating Officer
Doug is a seasoned executive who has served Canadian educational markets since 1975. Having spent five years working in the Financial/Banking sector before co-founding Magic Lantern West Ltd. Doug served as President from 1975 and was appointed President of Magic Lantern Communications Canada in 1982 building it to the largest distributor of educational content in Canada. He then served as CEO from 1990 to 1996 until the company was sold.
Doug served on the Board of Directors of NTN Canada Ltd., a publicly traded company from 1996 to 1999 and was subsequently appointed Managing Director of Distribution Access, a division of CHUM Ltd in 2004 becoming part of CTV Limited in 2008. As one of the founding members of the Canadian Association of Distance Education (CADE) Doug has spent his career as a pioneer in expanding the use of visual media from early formats to the digital applications used in education today.


Bill McGowan, Vice President, Global Sales & Acquisitions
Bill has more than 25 years experience in educational distribution.
In this time he has served in many roles including; Western Regional Manager and National Sales Manager with Magic Lantern Group, President and CEO of New Vision Media and Image Media and vice-president of International Sales and Distribution for Magic Lantern World. Bill served as the Distributors Representative to Western Canada Film and Video Showcase committee, was a founding member of Fast Forward Media Showcase in British Columbia and served as President of the Educational Media Producers and Distributors Association of Canada. Internationally, Bill has been a sought after speaker and panel member for many educational media conferences around the world.
In his current role with Distribution Access, Bill is responsible for all Producer and supplier relationships, new content acquisition and is responsible for sales and development of International markets.


Greg Abrams, Executive Director, Technology & Access Digital Media
Greg brings more than 20 years of broadcast production experience to Access Digital Media. He worked as a producer and director, for a regional CBC affiliate and subsequently for an independent Atlantic Canadian network, on an array of television projects, including musical variety, a travel series, children's programming, corporate and training productions, and commercials. Subsequently, Greg became an independent producer and produced a national children’ series for Global Television for several years. In 1995, Greg joined Sonoptic Technologies Inc., which was among the first commercial digital video encoding operations in North America. Over the next 10 years, Greg moved from VP of Marketing and Production to President, as Sonoptic developed into a full service digital video service bureau, with clients and projects in Canada, the United States, Europe and Singapore. In 2006, Greg became the Director of Access Digital Media, the digital provisioning business unit of Distribution Access.


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