DISTRIBUTION ACCESS is Canada’s leading provider of the world’s best educational video programs and multi media content.

With a library of over 15,000 titles, DISTRIBUTION ACCESS serves over 16,000 Canadian educational institutions – elementary, secondary, post-secondary, libraries – Canadian learners of all ages in their homes and educational and broadcasting organizations around the world.

As well as all the current video formats, DISTRIBUTION ACCESS provides educational video content via proprietary digital platforms.  Media On Demand allows learners to build their own digital libraries.  Currently, in partnership with the Bell Aliant Learning Centers in Atlantic Canada, but soon with similar partners in other parts of Canada, DISTRIBUTION ACCESS provides online web access to schools to stream comprehensive video libraries matched to curriculum outlets.  Other libraries are available to learners in their homes.

Digital customers are supported by Access Digital Media, a division of DISTRIBUTION ACCESS, providing digital authoring, encoding and technical support services.

With offices in Toronto, Vancouver and Saint John, DISTRIBUTION ACCESS is committed to further developing and expanding its offerings of educational video content, to being a leader in the digital On Demand delivery of this content to educational institutions and to individual Canadian households, and to effectively serve Canadian learners of all ages.   

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