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Understanding Issues in Globalization

This collection of short programs will help students get to grips with the causes and extensive consequences of an increasingly globalised economy. more>>

Audience:Senior High

Chemical Analysis Techniques

Chemical analysis has wide-ranging applications, from its use in many different industries such as mining, environmental management and chemical more>>

Audience:Senior High

What Your Boss Wants

In this series industry experts talk about what makes a good job application, a successful interview, what to expect in the induction process, more>>

The Language of Science:

Defines and explores core physical science vocabulary for early elementary students and English language learners. more>>

The Bully Report/The Bystanders

This is the story of a young school boy finding the courage to “speak up.” Quinn has no friends and is constantly taunted and teased by other more>>

Audience:Primary, Junior High, Senior High

The Trouble with Dying

After being diagnosed with late stage ovarian cancer, Cindy Cowan wants the right to choose how she is going to die. Linda Jarrett has suffered more>>

Concepts in Psychology - Part 2

This program looks at issues such as reductionism, correlation and causation, the use of non human animals in research, science and psychology more>>

Audience:Senior High

Transgender Parents

TRANSGENDER PARENTS is about love, life and kids after a gender transition. It shares the struggles and strengths of several trans women and more>>

Audience:Senior High

Safety in the Senior Science Lab

In every classroom in every school, everyone has the right to a safe learning environment. Science laboratories present a whole range of potential hazards to people's health and well-being, and it is more>>

Audience: Senior High

Pooh's Great School Bus Adventure and Too Smart for Strangers Classroom Edition

A most trustworthy bear helps children lean about school bus and personal safety in this new DVD featuring two of our most popular safety programs. To a child, the world is a wondrous, magical place! more>>

Audience: Primary, Upper Elementary

Bullying in the Classroom

This series is a superb resource that helps teachers, students and parents examine bullying, as well as providing appropriate measures to help prevent and deal with bullying. There are 3 separate programs more>>

Student Toolbox Can.

The Student Toolbox is a series of six programs designed to help students plan, research and complete many of the required assignments normally done at home. The science fair project, the three minute more>>

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